HPE GreenLake Cloud

Cloud Experts’ services and solutions such as cloud management, cloud migration, cloud consulting, etc., support companies in modernizing their technology, from initial strategy to ongoing maintenance.

HPE GreenLake is a new consumption-based IT model representing a paradigm shift in the way we do IT. It focuses on results-based consumption, radically simplifies IT, and frees up resources. Best of all, HPE GreenLake truly offers the best of public cloud and on-premises IT. With comprehensive products and solutions from HPE Technologies, you can quickly get the services you need without having to compromise.

HPE GreenLake Service Offerings

HPE GreenLake products can help you adopt transformative technologies faster and simplify your operations. The best part is that you can have them for solutions now.


A group of resilient, versatile tool-defined servers suitable for a variety of workloads.


Proactive network operation and service management for the smart edge.


Support data performance with intelligence and workload optimization.

Database Platform

Optimized hardware, software, and services in a single pay-per-use form.


Continuously publish and improve products and services for business agility.

Data Protection

It combines the simplicity and performance of a local backup environment.

Private Cloud

The edge of your data center and meets all the requirements.

Virtual Machines

It is designed for your full workload and delivers faster business results. 

HPE GreenLake Competencies

Skills to operate and optimize your infrastructure and applications that are delivered consistently and globally

Benefits of HPE GreenLake Solutions

It helps you maneuver market changes, adapt products or services. This is important for any business.

Business-centric metrics make it easy to manage the solution lifecycle.

Cost reduction is all about achieving real IT solutions, and that's what you have with HPE.

This benefit is considerable, as moving to the cloud is not easy for many companies.

A system in which you pay for a service that you use and cannot use more than what you paid for.

Understanding the benefits of this new model helps to examine how it differs from others.

CloudExperts cloud solutions offer you the opportunity to turn your IT infrastructure into a utility. Regardless of your old or new workload, Cloud Experts can provide services and support public cloud environments that you can be proud of. 

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